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Adapter Bearings

Adapter bearings are mounted units designed for use in equipment where shafts are supported in frames or sheet metal surfaces. They combine a self-aligning bearing with seals, a mounting flange, and a shaft locking collar into a compact pre-lubricated, easily installable unit. Typical applications include overhead doors, gates in shopping malls, conveyor systems, packaging machines, and agricultural equipment.


  • Heavy gauge stamped steel mounting flanges provide for a compact, space-saving design
  • Self-aligning design accommodates 3/8 inch of misalignment per foot of shaft length
  • Capacity for combined radial or thrust loads
  • Package construction needs no pre-installation adjustments, fitting or assembling
  • Over-size, factory packed lubricant chamber assures maximum life and operating efficiency without troublesome relubrication
  • Bearing races are hardened to resist wear, outers and inners are accurately formed for smooth running
  • Aetna's self-contouring, free-running, self-wiping seal provides positive contact under all conditions of misalignment
  • Full ball complement for high durability