Hi-Flex Flexible Couplings

Coupling halves are zinc phosphated and oil dipped for corrosion resistant protectio

Outer section made from solid steel plate

Inner section made from high strength ductile iron

Coupling halves are assembled with Grade 8 bolts, balanced and individually boxed ready for installation

The split flexible element is made of natural rubber or Neoprene.  Natural rubber has an ambient temperature range from -65   to +180  F.  Neoprene absorbs has excellent resistance to oil, ozone shocks and weather…good resistance to heat, flame and certain chemicals…. Internal ambient temperature range -40  F to +210  F


Easy Installation
Simple standard-type alignment Check by placing a straightedge across the outside diameter of the flange.
Easy installation of flexible element Simply place split flexible element between flanges and then clamp ring. Tighten bolts to proper torque.
Fast replacement of flexible element To replace element, loosen flange assembly bolts partially, without removing covers. However, bolts may be removed completely, thus disassembling the cover for easier removal and installation of element.



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