HI-Q Couplings

No abrasive wear: Hi-Q Design prevents metal-to-metal contact.
Greater flexibility: Buna-N and Urethane spider compression units compensate for minor angular and center line misalignments.
True alignment: Parts are accurately machined to insure perfect alignment of end pieces from bores to O.D.'s….. rust resistant
Standardized for interchangeability
Wide temperature range: Buna-N has an ambient temperature range from -20F to 180F…….Urethane from -80F to 180F


Fast Installation….No need to adjust ends and spider for proper spacing
1. Mount both coupling halves, including keys if any, on their respective shafts.
2. Insert flexible spider and bring coupling halves together. Space pads on coupling halves provide the correct spacing.
3. Check alignment between the two halves using a steel straight edge across the top of both coupling halves

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