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2-Groove Variable Pitch Sheaves

1. MOTOR MUST BE LOCKED OUT AND ALL APPLICABLE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS MUST BE FOLLOWED WHEN ADJUSTING DRIVE. 2. Place sheave on shaft with hub (body) setscrew side towards the motor (setscrew on body between flange and center piece).  Place keystock "K" (not provided unless a rectangular key is required) in keyseat between shaft and bore of body.  (Note: 1/2 inch bores do not have keyways). 3. Align shafts and drive and lock variable pitch sheave on shaft using setscrews "A".  Use between 135 in-lbs and 150 in-lbs of torque.  NOTE: Using higher than recommended installation torque may cause damage to the sheave. 4. Loosen setscrew "B" (and "C" if available) and adjust sheave flange to desired pitch by opening the appropriate number of turns from the first flat after the full closed position.  Each turn changes the pitch line by 0.5 inch.  Front and back side flange setscrews may be 180 degrees apart when over first flat and in final locking position.  4.1 On D8325 & D8350 model sheaves, visually locate the setscrew "B" over the flat on the body stem.  Lock the setscrews "B" AND "C" down using between 135 in-lbs and 150 in-lbs of torque. 4.2 On all other model sheaves, locate Maurey Integral Quick Key over the flat (TIP keep finger on key while adjusting it to feel it seat on flat).  Lock down using between 135 in-lbs and 150 in-lbs of torque.  KEY MUST BE LOCKED OVER FLAT FOR PROPER OPERATION.   5 Place belt over sheaves (DO NOT PRY BELTS OVER SHEAVES).  Adjust drive to proper tension. Lock motor in place. 6 Additional adjustments may be made by loosening the belts and following steps 2 through 5 above.   7 NOTE:  ALL SETSCREWS MUST BE LOCKED IN PLACE PRIOR TO STARTING THE DRIVE.  DAMAGE MAY BE DONE TO SHEAVES AND EQUIPMENT IF SETSCREWS ARE NOT PROPERLY LOCKED IN PLACE.  ADDITIONAL DRIVE AND SETSCREW TIGHTENING SHOULD BE PERFORMED AFTER TWENTY-FOUR HOURS OF OPERATION. 8 TIP: IF ONE BELT APPEARS LOOSE, REMOVE TENSION FROM THE DRIVE AND ADJUST LOOSE SIDE FLANGE BY ONE HALF TURN. 

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